Proton beam therapy advice

The Christie is the first NHS hospital to provide high energy proton beam therapy. Find out more information about this treatment and get in touch today.

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Radiology advice

We can advise on diagnostic, staging, re-staging and interventional procedures. Find out more about the radiology services provided by The Christie today.

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Pathology advice

The Christie histopathology unit is a key referral centre for surgical oncology pathology. Learn more about The Christie Pathology Partnership (CPP) today.

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Digital solutions

We have developed its own electronic health record (EHR) system designed to capture patient information and to produce clinical outcome data. Learn more.

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Pharmacy advice

We provide advice to clients on medicines optimisation, establishing pharmaceutical clinical trials & aseptic services. Find out more information today.

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Quality assurance

We provide advice on audits, compliance and quality management systems. Find out more information about our proven track record of high performance today.

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