Before your appointment, please click on your clinic below. You can then test your equipment with a test call. Please be aware that the link will open in a new tab or window.

To access your video clinic through Attend Anywhere, you can use any computer, smartphone or tablet device that allows you to use one of the following web browsers:

  • Google Chrome (Windows 7+, Android 5.1+, MacOS 10.11+, iPadOS 13+) 
  • Apple Safari (MacOS 10.12+, iOS 11.4+, iPadOS 13+) 

Please ensure you’re connected to Wi-Fi to save your mobile data and ensure a strong connection.

Clicking on the link below will guide you into the waiting room. You will not enter the waiting room until you have completed some checks.

When you are ready to start your video consultation, please click ‘start video call’. You will be asked to undertake your checks again.

Ensure you complete all details including your date of birth and a number we can call you back on if there are any difficulties. Make sure you tick the small box at the bottom of the registration screen.

We will not store the details you submit or record the call. Any details will be transferred securely.

If you have any issues connecting, please call the number on your appointment letter. You can also call our switchboard on 0161 446 3000 and ask for your consultant.

Please note: to use these ‘Virtual Visiting’ services, you must have already received an appointment letter in the post with your virtual appointment time and date.