Supportive care is the prevention and management of the adverse effects of cancer and cancer treatments.

The Christie supportive care team helps patients and families live as actively as possible by providing high-quality pain and symptom control as well as practical and psychological support.

The supportive care team have expertise in treating pain and symptoms and can offer advice for managing symptoms at any stage from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

We can offer our clients advice on establishing services and the best delivery model, or what improvements could be made following a review of existing services.

Our award-winning Enhanced Supportive Care (ESC) programme promotes the early integration of supportive (and palliative) care within cancer care.

Pioneered by The Christie, ESC (phase 1) is now part of a nationwide NHS England programme launched across 23 cancer centres. ESC significantly outperformed projected cost benefits delivering savings for the NHS.

Phase 2 ESC integrates supportive care and acute oncology as ‘rapid response’ outpatient clinics. ESC has been shown to help prevent the need for emergency hospital admissions, reduce length of stay in hospital, and reduce pain and symptom burden in patients undergoing anti-cancer treatment

We can offer advice to clients on: 

  • ESC initiation (phase 1) - implementation of the ESC programme in the cancer centre
  • ESC advanced (phase 2) - integration of supportive care within acute oncology

Please contact us for more information about our services in this area.