We are proud to deliver excellent care to cancer patients from the immediate population of 3.2 million people in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area, and to a significant number of patients from across the country in need of some highly specialised treatments.

We are able to provide service based on expert staff and a specialised infrastructure dedicated to the delivery of cancer treatment care, research and education. Our focus and size enables us to uniquely deliver effective and efficient specialist care offering patients the best possible outcomes from our research programmes. This is enhanced by the support that we receive from The Christie Charity which enables us to provide a level of care and experience for patients above and beyond what is funded by the NHS.

In early 2018 we undertook a process to refresh the Trust strategy to reflect our continued ambition. Our Strategy describes where we want to be as an organisation in the coming years. It has been developed following extensive consultation with patients, staff, governors and our Board of Directors.

It sets out a clear vision of how we will transform cancer treatments, care and support, and improve outcomes for our patients. Our Strategy is focused on 4 main themes:

In 2013 we developed The Christie Five Year strategic plan (2014-2019). This identifies the steps we will take to move towards this vision within the context of an underlying growth of patient numbers, an increasing patient and commissioner expectation for more local service provision and the increasing complexity and cost of specialist care, all within the anticipated environment of growing pressures on funding.

Our Annual Plan provides a robust analysis of our position, articulating the key areas of focus over the next year and is consistent with our wider strategic plans and commissioners’ strategies.

Not only do these plans ensure that the patient is at the heart of everything we do, but it demonstrates that the key service developments will be undertaken ensuring that the Trust remains operationally, clinically and financially sustainable.

To enable our team to focus upon improving the experience and outcomes of all our oncology patients, the plans not only define the investment we intend to make into facilities and expertise but also how we wish to work with the health professionals in Manchester and Cheshire to provide a more integrated, caring and personalised experience for our patients.

Last updated: July 2021