Therapeutic radiographers

A therapeutic radiographer is an allied health professional (AHP) who has undergone specific training to be able to deliver radiotherapy for patients undergoing treatment for cancer. It is compulsory for radiographers to be registered with the Health Professions Council (HCPC). Only HCPC registrants can practice as therapeutic radiographers in the UK. The Society and College of Radiographers is the professional body for the profession.

What does a therapeutic radiographer do?

The role of the therapeutic radiographer involves managing the treatment pathway, providing the technical expertise and support while delivering accurate radiotherapy treatment. The duties vary from performing a planning CT scan and being involved in treatment planning to the delivery of radiotherapy.

What is a therapeutic radiographer's area of expertise?

Therapeutic radiographers have expertise in the relevant technologies, in the natural history of many cancers and in the human aspects of patient care (they work with people going through worrying times).The role, treatment techniques and technology are constantly evolving, so you will never stop learning in this role.

Specialist radiographers

The radiotherapy department has a team of highly specialist radiographers covering many areas of expertise from research to paediatrics. The specialist radiographers work as part of the multidisciplinary team to focus upon improving cancer treatment, providing a high level of expertise and the best possible patient experience.

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Last updated: March 2023