The proton beam therapy (PBT) service has a blended radiography team, made up of both diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers.

Usually, diagnostic radiographers are those you will see before a diagnosis, for investigations such as X-rays or CT scans. However, within the PBT department, our diagnostic radiographers form part of the pre-treatment team and work alongside therapeutic radiographers. This multi-disciplinary team creates immobilisation equipment for patients and performs radiotherapy planning scans in both CT and MRI for patient treatment planning.

On the treatment gantries, our therapeutic radiographers specialise in the delivery of radiation for cancer treatment purposes. They perform verification imaging procedures to ensure patients are positioned correctly and deliver proton beam therapy to patients, and support patients throughout their treatment journey.

All members of the radiography team work alongside clinical oncologiststreatment planners, dosimetrists and physicists to deliver safe and accurate proton beam therapy to our patients.

Last updated: January 2024