Your named clinical oncologist will discuss your treatment plan with you and plan your proton beam therapy (PBT), as well as monitor you whilst on treatment.

Clinical oncologists 

Clinical oncologists are doctors who treat and manage patients with cancer. They do this using radiotherapy including PBT, chemotherapy and other treatments, except surgery. A PBT accredited consultant clinical oncologist will be responsible for your care at The Christie.

Medical oncologists 

Medical oncologists are also doctors who treat and manage patients with cancer. They treat cancer with chemotherapy as well. Teenage and young adult (TYA) patients, and adult patients (16 years or older) who require chemotherapy will also be seen by a medical oncologist during their stay at The Christie. Medical and clinical oncologists frequently work together. 

Paediatric oncologists 

Paediatric oncologists specialise in treating children with cancer. All paediatric patients (under 16 years old) receiving PBT at The Christie will also receive care from the nearby Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH), who will deliver chemotherapy if required. 

Your oncologists are supported by a team of junior doctors (fellows, specialist trainees and registrars). They are also supported by nurse/radiographer practitioners, nurse clinicians and other skilled specialist staff.

The oncologists you could see when you come for proton beam therapy at The Christie are Dr Wylie, Dr Lee, Dr Thomson, Professor Smith, Dr Whitfield, Dr Colaco, Dr Pan and Dr Thorpe.

Last updated: April 2024