Private options for colorectal and peritoneal patients

We offer a comprehensive service for private patients through The Christie Private Care, the bespoke private facility in the grounds of The Christie hospital.

If you are looking for a private referral, please visit The Christie Private Care website for more information.

Choosing a surgeon

Private patients from the UK or abroad can choose to see a colorectal surgeon at The Christie colorectal and peritoneal oncology centre. Please see our consultants' profiles by clicking one of the links below:

Making a referral

Doctors making private referrals can write us a letter outlining the diagnosis, treatment to date and the reason for referral. We ask that all supporting information such as scan reports, operation notes, clinic notes, histopathology reports and colonoscopy reports be sent to us with this letter.

When we receive your referral letter we'll send a letter acknowledging receipt. Our administrative team will then collect all the relevant information required for us to give an opinion.

We are happy to provide you with a second opinion if you need reassurance that the advice you have already received is appropriate for your needs.

Last updated: December 2023