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Cervical (neck) lymph node dissection

Cervical lymph node dissection or clearance means removing the lymph nodes or glands from one or both sides of the neck.

Plastic surgery

We manage skin and soft tissue tumours that need removal and offer a reconstructive service.

Nipple reconstruction at The Christie

During reconstruction after breast cancer treatment, the breast mound is created first. About 3 to 4 months after the wounds have healed, the nipple and areola complex can be reconstructed.

Medical tattooing at The Christie

We use tattoos to create the image of an areola and nipple for patients who have had breast reconstruction and also to camouflage some scars after breast cancer treatment.


Find out what to expect from your anaesthetic at The Christie when you visit the hospital for surgery.

Gynaecological Oncology Surgery

Our team provides advanced surgery for all gynaecological cancers at The Christie.

Surgery for ovarian mass

Your doctor has told you that you have an ovarian mass on one or both of your ovariesĀ and that the ovary needs to be removed to see if there is any cancer present.