Plastic surgery

The highly qualified team cover the full range of reconstructive surgery following cancer or the secondary effects of cancer treatment.

This includes managing advanced skin cancer, risk reducing breast surgery, neurofibromatosis and facial reanimation surgery. The team perform innovative and highly successful microsurgical reconstructions to provide the optimal outcome for patients who suffer from any of these conditions. We also support our surgical colleagues in house to reconstruct defects created after surgery for gynaecological, colorectal or urological disease.

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Plastic surgery research

The plastic surgery department is very keen on research projects around skin cancer treatment.

The plastic surgery department has been involved in several observational studies related to various forms of skin cancer including melanoma and non-melanoma cutaneous malignancies.

We just started enrolling patients into the MelMart clinical trial.

We have produced a number of plastic surgery research publications and presented papers at national and international meetings.

Last updated: September 2023