Patient booklets

The Christie produces a range of patient information that covers various aspects of cancer and cancer treatments.

Booklets are free to patients coming to The Christie and are available from the cancer information centre (department 3). The centre offers a confidential service for anyone affected by cancer. Please call in or contact us by telephone on 0161 446 8100.

We also offer a number of chemotherapy and immunotherapy information sheets about individual systemic anti-cancer treatments.

We've also recreated a limited range of patient booklets digitally below.

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Qutenza® (Capsaicin) 8% patch [PDF, 105 KB]

Pain is transmitted by nerves so it is often possible to reduce pain by blocking signals from affected nerves. Qutenza® is a patch for use on your skin. It contains a synthetic form of capsaicin. The capsaicin acts on pain-sensing nerves in the skin, making them less sensitive to pain. The effects of Qutenza® can be easily reversed.

Last updated: May 2023