How can we help?

Treating your pain

Some patients with cancer may experience pain. cancer treatments (such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy) can help to treat pain. There are also a wide variety of pain medicines to relieve or ease pain.

We will work with you to find the most suitable treatment for your pain problems. We specialise in treating cancer pain and we also work collaboratively with the hospital pain team.

Treating your symptoms

Sometimes cancer or cancer treatments can cause unpleasant symptoms. Common problems are nausea, vomiting and constipation. We have specialist knowledge to help alleviate these symptoms and use medicines and non-medical techniques as part of our approach. We work closely with other teams (such as complementary therapies and physiotherapy) to find the best combination of treatments for your symptoms.

Practical advice

We can provide advice to help in planning your discharge from hospital, address social and financial issues and help to organise any necessary equipment. We work closely with other teams including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social services and the community link team.

We also liaise with your GP and community teams.

Psychological support

Adjusting to life with cancer can be difficult for you and your family. We are skilled in providing support and counselling for both you and your family. We work closely with the department of psychological medicine at The Christie and where necessary will involve them in your care.

Last updated: March 2023