Referrals to the supportive care team for patients who are staying at The Christie

In most cases, your medical team will make a direct referral to the hospital supportive care team for management of pain and difficult symptoms. Nursing staff can also refer, provided the medical team are aware of the referral.

If you haven't been referred but would like a consultation with the supportive care team, ask your ward nurse or doctor to make a referral.

  • How quickly will I be seen by supportive care team?

Our policy is to see patients as quickly as possible after referral to our team - we will try to see you the same day or by the next working day.

  • Will the supportive care team affect my other treatments?

No. We work alongside any other treatments you may be having (such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy).

  • Will I be seen by my oncology or surgical team?

Yes. We work alongside your regular oncology or surgical team who will continue to look after you.


Referral to the supportive care out-patient clinic (called the Pain and Symptom Clinical)

The Christie has a weekly pain and symptom clinic for people with pain and symptom problems. The clinic is staffed by a consultant in palliative medicine, clinical nurse specialists and a consultant in pain medicine and anaesthesia.

Your medical team or community Macmillan nurse can refer directly to the pan and symptom clinic.

How to see a member of the supportive care team during your routine oncology or surgical outpatient clinic

Your clinic doctor or nurse can arrange, by prior agreement, for us to see you during one of your visits if you are attending here as an outpatient. If there is an urgent problem, we will do our best to see you, although this is not always possible.

Last updated: March 2023