What we do

The Pat Seed department houses 3 CT (Computed Tomography) scanners (one of which is used primarily for the purpose of radiotherapy planning). CT uses X-rays to produce high quality images or virtual ‘slices’ through the body to provide important diagnostic information before, during and after treatment.

Around 18,000 CT scans are performed each year, including CT biopsies and CT colonography.

CT Scanning - Tel: 0161 446 3884

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a type of scan that uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce detailed images of the inside of the body. . While MRI is considered very safe, certain patients may not be able to undergo MRI, for example if they have some kinds of metallic implants or devices.  Information on this is required within the referral from the patient's consultant/doctor.

MR Scanning - Tel: 0161 446 3884

Around 17,000 examinations are performed each year. Out-patient X-ray examinations are performed with ‘Radiology 1’ which is adjacent to the Main Outpatients department. Radiology 1 Tel: 0161 446 3320

Inpatient x-rays are performed within ‘Radiology 2’ or on the wards with mobile x-ray machines.

Radiology 2 Tel: 0161 446 3322

Around 3,600 examinations are performed each year, including interventional procedures such as biopsies.The Ultrasound department is situated with Radiology 2 (Department

Ultrasound - Tel: 0161 446 3322

Around 2,400 procedures performed each year, including gastrostomies. nephrostomies, angiography, stents and biopsies. In November 2014, Christie Radiology expanded the service as it became a regional centre for Selective internal Radiotherapy (SIRT) treatments.

Tel: 0161 446 3322

Our Radiologists provide advice, protocol development and image reporting for these services. The services themselves are operated by the Christie Medical Physics and Engineering (CMPE) directorate. The nuclear medicine service performs a full range of radioisotope tumour imaging using a dual head gamma camera, SPET-CT and PET-CT. The Christie also provides a PET-CT service for the whole of Greater Manchester and Cheshire Cancer Network.

Nuclear Medicine/PET-CT - Tel: 0161 446 3945

Our consultant radiologists provide support to the Christie clinical teams through multi-disciplinary teams, with a named consultant leading for each disease group. About 40 multi-disciplinary teams are scheduled each month. There is also a lead radiologist for each specialty within radiology.

The Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) allows the storage and viewing of radiological images.

As a support service to the hospital's ground breaking research, the radiology department provides input to more than 150 active clinical trials at any one time, across all the disease groups.