Colorectal cancer service

Our advanced colorectal pelvic cancer service at The Christie provides specialised surgery for patients in Greater Manchester and Cheshire. We also receive referrals from across the country.

The service is for patients who have been diagnosed with a cancer within the pelvis which has grown outside the organ where it started from, such as the rectum. This is sometimes described as ‘locally advanced’. The cancer may have returned after previous treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.

Colorectal cancer may involve the bowels, rectum and anus, or the urinary system (the bladder and ureters). In women, the reproductive organs may also be affected (the ovaries, womb, cervix, and vagina). In men, the cancer may be close to or invading the prostate.

The advanced colorectal pelvic cancer team at The Christie

The advanced colorectal pelvic cancer team is a multidisciplinary team (MDT). Following referral, your case will be discussed in our pelvic MDT meeting which is every Monday.

The core members of the pelvic MDT are:

  • colorectal, urological, and gynaecological surgeons,
  • oncologist,
  • radiologist,
  • colorectal specialist nurses,
  • MDT co-ordinator.

Extended members of our MDT are the hepatobiliary consultant (liver surgeon), plastic surgeon, stoma care specialist nurses, physiotherapist, dietitians, psycho-oncologist and supportive care team.

We also have a separate pathology MDT meeting on the last Friday of the month. This is where all our advanced colorectal cases are discussed to give the best advice whether you need any further treatment once you have recovered from your surgery. 

We have a team of specialists, meaning our patients benefit from some of the country’s leading clinicians sharing knowledge to deliver the very highest standards of advance colorectal care under one roof. The colorectal team uses the latest technological advances to improve patient outcomes and care by using a robotically assisted approach and laparoscopic approach to surgery. This will be discussed with you if this is a suitable approach.

As well as dealing with the physical effects of cancer and treatment, patients and their families can face a number of psychological and practical challenges. We have a number of support services for cancer patients including a dedicated Maggie’s Centre offering information and support to anyone affected by cancer. A fantastic complementary therapy service who offer different therapies free of charge to patients and carers.

You can download booklets on Understanding Colon Cancer and Understanding Rectal Cancer from the Macmillan website.

Last updated: October 2022

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