Christie Medical Physics and Engineering - Training courses

Here you will find a list of the CMPE training courses available

CMPE run 3 courses each year, via online teaching, for those who have just become Radiation Protection Supervisors or who are likely to be appointed in the near future. The courses are primarily aimed at medical users of ionising radiation. 

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A one-day course run in alternate years, now provided via online teaching, to tell delegates of recent changes in medical radiation protection, and provide an opportunity to share information and experiences with colleagues in the field. The course is suitable for radiation protection supervisors, radiology managers and any other staff with a particular interest or involvement in radiation protection matters. 

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This course follows the syllabus as outlined in Appendix C of the new MHRA Guidance Notes and includes, amongst other topics:

  • What is a laser/IPL?
  • Laser/IPL suitability for medical applications
  • Laser/IPL and non-Laser hazards; light tissue interactions
  • Safety procedures, policies and safety management
  • Protective eyewear and safety controls
  • Working safely in the laser controlled area

NB: This course does NOT cover instruction on how to use a laser.

Core of knowledge course accredited by the British Medical Laser Association.

Who Should Attend?

  • Clinical Operators
  • Laser Protection Supervisors & Deputies
  • Nurses, Laser Safety Managers, Risk/H&S Managers, Engineers
  • Physiotherapists/Podiatrists

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CMPE can provide (on request, at your premises) a Laser Safety Awareness course aimed at staff, other than operators, present during laser or IPL use (e.g. nursing staff, Theatre Assistants, trainees) who should have a basic understanding of the risks they may face but do not require the full core-of-knowledge.

A similar Laser Safety Awareness course specifically aimed at physiotherapists is also available.

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Last updated: February 2023