Blood room

The blood room (phlebotomy) is where patients come for blood tests. This is in department 35 (previously department 42).

  • Opening hours are from 8am to 5pm.

The new blood room provides a more pleasant and spacious environment for patients to have their bloods taken. It has 7 phlebotomy bays, an ECG room and a dedicated waiting area. When you come to The Christie, a member of your clinical team will tell you if you need a blood test. They will also let you know where you need to book this and who you need to speak to.

The blood room waiting room
Caption: The blood room waiting room area

In most cases, you can have blood taken the same day without any additional delays. If you usually visit haematology for your blood tests, this hasn't changed. You should still visit haematology as normal for your blood test appointment.

You can also book a local blood test closer to your home. This can save time it would usually take to travel to The Christie in Withington. You can book a blood test closer to home now and see what clinics are available.

Please note: only arrive at the blood room no earlier than 30 minutes before the time of your appointment or you will be asked to come back later. This is to make sure all our patients can safely socially distance.

Last updated: March 2023