Local blood test service

The bloods closer to home local blood test service at The Christie lets patients book a blood test at a location that's near where they live. Blood test clinics (phlebotomy clinics) benefit those patients who previously had to travel long distances for routine blood tests at The Christie.

Local blood test clinics are run by Christie trained health care support workers. They will ensure that standards of care and safety are consistent with the main site. The nurse at the local clinic will also be able to access ports, CVC and PICC lines. Your blood sample will be transported back to The Christie so that the results are available to the medical team involved in your care.

If you have any questions about the blood test clinics, please contact the bloods closer to home team on 0161 918 7654. Their working hours are 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

For any enquires or to make an appointment at The Christie at Macclesfield, please call 0161 956 1705

For each blood test, please ensure that you have a letter or appointment card with your Christie identification number on it. You do not need to bring a Christie blood form but if your doctor or nurse has given you one, please bring it with you.

If you are not given a blood form, please ensure that you have a letter or appointment card detailing your Christie identification number on it.

Please note: if you are currently receiving cancer treatment, you must have your blood test within the required timeframe for your treatment appointment. Your doctor or nurse will advise you of the required timeframe - this is dependent on your treatment. If the test is taken earlier than the required time frame, you may need to have the test repeated before treatment. 

If you require a blood test before your clinic review, please ensure you attend no more than 48 hours before.

You can book your local blood test using the system below.

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Last updated: August 2023