What we do

Information about cancer

Our expert staff can guide you to the information you need before, during and after treatment.

Advice about benefits

Our Benefits Advisor can offer information about money and benefits that you may be entitled to.

Vocational rehabilitation

We understand that your work-life challenges are unique to you. We can advise around staying in work or getting back to work; whether to return to your old job or to support you in finding a new one.

Group support

Our support groups offer a chance to talk to other people who are in a similar situation to you.

Managing stress

This six-week course is ideal for anyone living with cancer – including friends and family. Learn relaxation techniques and more.


Exercise can lift your confidence and help you deal with the challenges of living with cancer. Groups include yoga, tai chi and walking.

Expressive art

Enjoy the creative process as a way to explore your thoughts and feelings (no skill or experience required).

Creative writing

Join our creative writing groups as a way to explore thoughts, ideas and emotions (no skill or experience required).

Gardening groups

Help keep the Centre looking beautiful and benefit from fresh air, green space and a therapeutic activity.


Look Good Feel Better & Colour Me Beautiful

Learn to manage some of the visible side-effects of cancer treatment and help yourself to feel more confident.

Hair loss support

For both men and women, this group explores the issue of hair loss, covering wigs, scarf tying and more.

Eating well

Learn about eating a healthy, balanced diet, as well as how to manage particular treatment-related food challenges.

Starting cancer treatment

A workshop that can help you understand cancer and the treatments available.

Support beyond treatment

Our ‘Where Now’? course supports people after treatment has finished.

Support for young people

Kids’ Days offer the chance for young people whose parents have cancer to find answers and support.

Bereavement support

We offer one-to-one bereavement support as well as regular bereavement support groups.

Returning to work after cancer

A course for both individuals and employers focusing on returning to work after cancer treatment.

Talking to children about cancer

Support for both children and their families to help you navigate difficult discussions, as well as special days for young people.

Friends and family

This 6-week course is for anyone caring for a person who has cancer. Learn more about your role as a carer.