Understanding Cancer: For Integrative Therapists and Health Care Professionals

Wednesday 4, 11 and 18 September 2024 (9:30 am to 12:30pm) - virtual via Zoom

Course tutors: Vicky Phelan and Jayne Doyle

This course is invaluable for anyone who is working in a cancer care setting and who would like to gain the understanding and knowledge needed.

The course will help you feel more confident amongst other work colleagues and around patients/carers when discussing diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

During the course we will cover:

  • possible causes of cancer and the methods used to identify health outcomes,
  • the biology of cancer,
  • principles of mainstream cancer treatments and side effects, how advances in scientific and medical research have the potential to personalise patient treatments, and
  • the psycho-social and emotional impact of diagnosis.

Students will be required to complete directed tasks and reflective feedback (this will take approximately 4.5 hours).

Suitable for: Anyone working with patients, carers and family members affected by cancer in a health care setting, charity or private practice.

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Last updated: May 2024