Resolving Anxiety and Panic States

Thursdays 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 October 2024 , 1:30 to 4:30pm – virtual via Zoom

Course tutors: Vicky Phelan and Linda Orrett

This course is ideal for anyone working with anxious clients, whether this be in a cancer or supportive care setting or in private practice. During the course, you will gain a good understanding of anxiety and panic, how it manifests itself and the changes that occur in the brain and the body during this time.

We will teach you powerful approaches and fast calming interventions that will help your clients overcome anxiety and panic in-situ. For those working in a health care setting, we will also show you effective ways that will give you confidence to support clients who are encountering distressing responses to medical situations e.g. cannulation, surgery and other procedural/treatment related anxieties.

Prerequisite: Suitable for integrative therapists, health care professionals, counsellors, or any therapist working with anxious clients, whether in a cancer or health care setting or in private practice.

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During this course, the aims and objectives will be achieved by a combination of:

  • Presentations to help students develop a good level of knowledge in anxiety and panic, including what can bring on anxiety and panic, changes that take place in the brain and body when someone experiences anxiety and panic and how to recognise the signs.
  • Demonstration of different simple yet effective techniques to help students develop the skills they need to help their clients/patients overcome anxiety and panic.
  • Practice sessions where students can practice the techniques on each other to help them become confident in their use.
  • Discussions on how the tutors have used the techniques to further help student understanding in how the techniques can and have been applied.
  • Homework outside the classroom where students will be asked to apply their learnings and provide feedback the following week.

Discussions and case studies on how the techniques have been used in a cancer care setting to overcome treatment related anxiety e.g. cannulation, radiotherapy mask making, MRI scans, CT scans etc.

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