Events booking terms and conditions

Booking terms and conditions

Please ensure you understand the below terms and conditions when registering for study days, conferences and courses.

  1. Payment should be made before the event commences (with the exception of invoicing your employer where finance departments have 1-month post-course to pay). We reserve the right to cancel a booking in the case of non-receipt of payment prior to the day of course.
  2. The School of Oncology does accept invoicing arrangements from NHS organisations: a Purchase Order Number or Funding Confirmation email is required in advance.
  3. Should you no longer be able to attend the event live on the day, all event content is available on-demand for a duration of three months, so you may watch at an alternative time. In the event you still wish to cancel your booking, you or your employer will be charged the full fee if you do not inform the SoO Administrative team at least 10 working days before the event
  4. If a livestream ticket is purchased, then this link is for the sole use of the individual in whose name the booking has been made. Allowing access to other individuals is strictly prohibited and may be followed up with legal action.
  5. Where food is provided at an event, it is the responsibility of the individual concerned or their representative who is booking the training course(s) to ensure that the event organisers are informed of any special dietary or access requirements
  6. Certificates are only available for those individuals who are registered for the event. Any repurposing of certificates will be regarding as fraudulent activity.
  7. In an occasion whereby the School of Oncology has to postpone an event, your booking will be transferred to the new date and you will be contacted accordingly. You will retain the right to cancel your place should you be unable to attend.
  8. The School of Oncology reserves the right to cancel events due to unforeseen circumstances, in which case full refunds will be issued.
  9. For reasons beyond the control of The SoO, the way we deliver this event may have to alter to accommodate strict social distancing guidelines or adhere to government guidelines. The SoO reserves the right to reschedule the conference if unforeseen significant external factors warrant that course of action - we reserve the right to make such changes but will endeavour to remain as close to the original proposal as possible for example, converting to a livestream format for delegates, sponsors and speakers to dial in virtually.

Car Parking at The Christie

Car parking is very limited at the hospital so please make alternative arrangements where possible.


Event = Course, Study Day, Training, Webinar or Conference.

Last updated: May 2023