Research sponsorship at The Christie

All research in health and social care that involves NHS patients, their biomedical samples or information, staff, equipment or other resources of the NHS, must have a formal sponsor. The sponsor is the organisation that takes on overall responsibility for a research project.

Sponsorship should be discussed and agreed in principle as early as possible. Ideally, a sponsorship request should be made at the time the research protocol is being developed or at the grant application stage.

You will need formal declaration from the agreed sponsor before any application to the Research Ethics Committee (REC) and regulatory authorities can be made.

The Christie has a dedicated Research and innovation sponsor team who can help navigate the framework for research funding, approvals, management and governance of your project.

To discuss or request sponsorship of your project, or if you are unsure if your project should be classified as research, please contact the sponsor team as early in your project as you can at

Last updated: May 2023