Germ cell tumours

Germ cells develop in egg cells and sperm cells. Cancer that starts in these cells is a germ cell tumour.

Germ cell tumours start in the germ cells. These are the cells that develop into egg cells and sperm cells.

The most common types of germ cell tumours are:

With these types of germ cell tumour, you can usually feel a lump. If you develop a lump in your testis or you have a swollen tummy for a month or more, you should see your GP.

Germ cell tumours outside of the testes or ovaries are rare. However, germ cell tumours can occasionally develop in the abdomen, the chest or the brain.

If you have a germ cell tumour, you could see different cancer teams depending on where the tumour started. At The Christie, you might see the gynaecological oncology surgical team or the genito urinary cancer group.

Last updated: March 2023