Breast cancer in men

Breast cancer in men is rare. About 350 men in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. This accounts for fewer than 1 in every 100 cases of breast cancer.

Many people don't know that men can get breast cancer because they aren't aware that men have breasts. But men do have a small amount of breast tissue behind their nipples. This is where breast cancer can develop.

Symptoms of breast cancer in males

In most men, breast cancer is first noticed as a painless lump under the nipple or areola.

Other signs may include:

  • a nipple turning in (inversion/inverted nipple)
  • changes in the size or shape of the breast
  • a rash affecting the nipple
  • discharge or bleeding from the nipple
  • a swelling or lump in the armpit
  • an ulcer on the skin of the breast.

*Information provided by Macmillan cancer support

At The Christie, the breast cancer clinical oncology team specialises in non-surgical breast cancer treatment. The breast service in surgery carry out surgery related to breast cancer.

Last updated: March 2023