Blood cancers

There isn’t just one type of cancer of the blood – there are many different blood cancers. Leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma are some of the main cancers of the blood.

Blood cancers are cancers that develop in the blood. This can affect the production of blood cells and also how they work.

As white blood cells fight infection in the body, blood cancers can affect the immune system.

There are several different types of blood cancer. The main blood cancers are:

  • leukaemia, which affects white blood cells. There are four main types of leukaemia:
    • chronic myeloid (CML)
    • acute myeloid (AML)
    • chronic lymphocytic (CLL)
    • acute lymphoblastic (ALL)
  • lymphoma, a cancer of lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell. There are two main types of lymphoma:
  • Myeloma, a cancer of plasma cells in bone marrow

At The Christie, the Haematology and transplant unit and Lymphoma team treat different types of blood cancer.

Last updated: March 2023