The patient journey

The Oak Road treatment centre is open from 7:45am to 10pm, administering treatments that can last between 30 minutes and 8 hours.

If your treatment takes longer than this, you will be booked to receive your treatment on one of our inpatient wards. This will usually be ward 4, 11 or 12.

Your appointments and treatment visits will depend on the type of treatment you are receiving and will vary depending on the number of times your consultant needs to review you in a clinic.

On the dates you have an appointment to see the doctor, you will receive an appointment for a blood test, an appointment to see the doctor and an appointment on a separate day to receive your treatment. On the dates you are not required to see the doctor, you will receive an appointment for a blood test and your treatment only.

If you are a new patient, you will receive an appointment to attend a new patient clinic on a Saturday morning, giving you and your relatives the opportunity to speak to one our chemotherapy nurses about your treatment and any they will be able to answer questions you might have in more detail.

Due to the process required to check blood results and prepare treatments, there will be time during your visit that you may experience a wait, either before you see the doctor or before your treatment. We will do everything we can to keep this to a minimum.

Please provide a mobile number when you book in at reception and the team will keep you updated regarding any delays during the day wherever you are in the hospital.

You can watch a video below to see what happens when you come to The Christie as a chemotherapy patient. This video has been produced by the nursing, dietician and pharmacy staff to help provide you with information of what to expect when attending for treatment with us at systemic anti-cancer treatment (SACT) services.

This is a general information video – your clinical team will give you specific details about your own treatment during your appointments.


We also have a video to give you a tour of the chemotherapy service at The Christie, including where you need to go when you first arrive at the hospital.


Please bring any regular medication you will need to take during the day with you.

Any additional medication you will need to take as part of your treatment will be provided for you at your appointment.

You can also watch a video on our YouTube channel about the pharmacy service at The Christie.

Eating and drinking

You can eat and drink normally before, during and after your treatment.

If you have any special dietary requirements, please let the staff know. We provide soup and sandwiches for patients on the treatment floor at meal times.

You can find out more by watching a video on our YouTube channel about how to eat well during chemotherapy.

Last updated: March 2022