About us

The Christie chemotherapy service is part of The Christie systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT) unit. The SACT unit at The Christie is the largest single site facility in Europe.

  • The treatment outpatient service and treatment floor are located in the Oak Road treatment centre (department 1).
  • The Oak Road treatment centre delivers outpatient treatments for all disease groups. Patients can have blood taken and see the doctor on the ground floor and receive treatment on the 1st floor. The Oak Road treatment centre provides treatment 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday).
  • We also deliver some treatments in 6 other hospital sites, 1 medical centre, 4 hospices and at The Christie at Macclesfield. The service operates 5 days a week (Monday to Friday).
  • Ward 3 (department 48) delivers immunotherapy outpatient treatments for several disease groups.
  • When you first attend for treatment, your appointments will be at The Christie site in Withington. After cycle 2 where clinically possible, patients will be treated by The Christie at Home team or at a location closer to home.
  • The Christie at Home service delivers several treatments to patients in their own homes. The service is nurse-led by Christie-trained SACT nurses.

The Christie Outreach service is nurse-led by trained SACT nurses who rotate between Oak Road Treatment Centre and the nurse-led outreach sites.

See inside our department

When you first come for chemotherapy treatment at The Christie in Withington, this will be in the Oak Road Treatment Centre. You can see inside the department here.

Last updated: March 2023