What is the Information Standard?

The Christie is committed to producing high-quality, evidence-based information for patients. Our patient information follows the principles and quality statements of The Information Standard.

The Information Standard is an NHS England quality standard. It supports organisations producing high quality information with a robust information production process based on best practice.

This ensures that organisations’ information meets the needs of its users.

The Information Standard is made up of 6 principles, each supported by quality statements informed by best practice. These are designed to show that the organisation has a process in place to produce and sustain good quality and evidence-based health and care information.

1. Information production

This principle is designed to demonstrate that the organisation has a defined process in place to produce good quality health and care information in a consistent manner.

2. Evidence sources

This principle is designed to ensure that where evidence is used, is it relevant and from a recognised source.

3. User understanding and involvement

This principle is designed to ensure through user involvement that the organisation understands who the information is designed for, why it is required and what users’ needs are.

It also ensures, through user testing, that it reflects those needs and the views of those using it. User involvement, including testing, should be representative of the target audience and involve an appropriate number of such people.

4. End product

This principle is designed to ensure that the product has been developed following your process and is of high quality.

5. Feedback

This principle is designed to ensure that all feedback (outside the development process) is dealt with appropriately especially concerning errors, omissions or points for clarification. Such feedback is recorded, actioned and resolved as appropriate, especially if an amendment to, or withdrawal of, an information product is required.

6. Review

This principle is designed to ensure that information products are reviewed on a planned and regular basis, within a timeframe appropriate to the type of information but not normally more than every three years. Any products that are not reviewed within your defined review periods should no longer be distributed.


The Christie NHS Foundation Trust holds responsibility for the accuracy of the information it publishes. NHS England have no responsibility whatsoever for losses, direct or indirect damages or costs arising from inaccuracy of information or omissions in information published on the website of The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

Last updated: March 2023