Other publications - Sean Tenant

1. Vardhanabhuti, V., Pang, C.L., Tenant, S., Taylor, J., Hyde, C. and Roobottom, C., 2017. Prospective intra-individual comparison of standard dose versus reduced-dose thoracic CT using hybrid and pure iterative reconstruction in a follow-up cohort of pulmonary nodules− Effect of detectability of pulmonary nodules with lowering dose based on nodule size, type and body mass index.
European Journal of Radiology.

2. Tenant, S., Pang, C.L., Dissanayake, P., Vardhanabhuti, V., Stuckey, C., Gutteridge, C., Hyde, C. and Roobottom, C., 2017. Intra-patient comparison of reduced-dose model-based iterative reconstruction with standard-dose adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction in the CT diagnosis and follow-up of urolithiasis.
European Radiology, pp.1-10. doi:10.1007/s00330-017-4783-2

3. Tenant, S. C., & Gutteridge, C. M. (2016). The clinical use of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in the kidney. Ultrasound, 24(2), 94-103.

4. Berger, Z., Ttofi, E. K., Michel, C. H., Pasco, M. Y., Tenant, S., Rubinsztein, D. C., & O'Kane, C. J. (2005). Lithium rescues toxicity of aggregate-prone proteins in Drosophila by perturbing Wnt pathway.
Human molecular genetics, 14(20), 3003-3011.

Last updated: January 2023