Other publications - Philip Borg

  1. Percutaneous cholecystotomy as first line treatment for high risk patients with biliary sepsis: our experience so far
    P.Borg, J.Trotter, N.Everitt, H.Harris, H.K.Chow, K. Ravi, R.Balamurugan
    Reference: YCRAD3613
    Journal title: Clinical Radiology
    Final version published online: 12-AUG-2013
    Full bibliographic details: Clinical Radiology (2013), p. 16
    DOI: 10.1016/j.crad.2013.05.082
  2. Vascular Redistribution Following Partial Hepatic Artery Embolisation for SIRT— Efficacy of Delivery of Y90 Microspheres to Embolised Liver Segments.
    Borg, P, Bell, J, Jeans, S, Tipping, J, Chander, A, Mullan, D, Manoharan, P, Lawrance, J,
    Radiological Society of North America 2014 Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, Chicago IL
  3. Reducing radiation dose: an advantage of combined endoscopic and fluoroscopic approach for deployment of enteral stents
    P. Borg, J.M. Trotter, K.L. Dear, G. Naylor, P. Goodfellow, K. Ravi, T.S. Armanath, R. Balamurugan Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. 2013 Sep;36 Suppl 3:S60-381. doi: 10.1007/s00270-013-0701-4.
  4. Investigation of Paediatric Head Injury
    A.Mathew, P.Borg, R.Jayarajasingam, T.Win
    'Investigation of Paediatric Head Injury' (Abstract)
    Paediatric Radiology, Vol. 42 (Suppl 3) p.S534 (May 2012)
  5. MRI vs Endoscopy in paediatric inflammatory bowel disease
    P Borg, T Win
    Online poster publication European Society of Radiology 2011
    DOI: 10.1594/ecr2011/C-0007
  6. James Blundell – Pioneer of Blood transfusion; a medical biography
    M.Welck, P.Borg, H.Ellis
    J Med Biogr 2010;18:194-197
    The Journal of Medical Biography
    DOI: 10.1258/jmb.2010.010014.
    PMID: 21079255

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