Other publications - Larysa Duniec

  1. “Comparison of traditional and automatic loss of resistance syringes in labour epidural anaesthesia.”
    Duniec L, Biławicz J, Chlebus M, Pietrzak B, Wielgos M.
    Ginekologia Polska. 2019, vol. 90, no 5, 279-284 
  2. “Comparison of traditional and automatic loss of resistance syringes in orthopaedic epidural anaesthesia. Randomised controlled trial.”
    Duniec L, Nowakowski P, Sieczko J, Chlebus M, Łazowski T.
    Anaesthesiology Intensive Therapy 2016, vol. 48, no 4, 228–233.
  3. “The substantial impact of ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia on the clinical practice of peripheral nerve blocks.”
    Nowakowski P, Bieryło A, Duniec L, Kosson D, Łazowski T.
    Anesthesiology Intensive Therapy 2013 Oct-Dec; vol. 45, no 4:223-9.
  4. “Anatomical landmarks based assessment of intravertebral space level for lumbar puncture is misleading in more than 30%.” 
    Duniec L, Nowakowski P, Kosson D, Łazowski T.
    Anaesthesiology Intensive Therapy 2013 Jan-Mar; 45, vol 1:1-6.
    Also poster presentation: Euroanaesthesia 2012, Paris
  5. “Avoiding common errors in anaesthesia”.
    Catherine Marcucci. English to Polish translation (Medipage 2010).
  6. “The role of bilingual instructors in the implementation of ERC standards in Eastern and Central Europe. Case study of Ukraine.”
    Duniec L, Szymański J, Łazowski T, Andres J.
    Resuscitation-supplement, Porto 2-4th December 2010.
    Also a poster presentation:  Resuscitation 2010 Congress. Porto 2-4th December 2010.
  7. “Factors which influence the efficacy of brachial plexus blockade performed with the nerve stimulator.”
    Nowakowski P, Wielgus M, Bieryło A, Duniec L, Wierzejski W, Biławicz J, Mayzner-Zawadzka E. Zonal ESRA 2005.

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