Matthew Krebs

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Matthew Krebs

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Clinical Senior Lecturer in Experimental Cancer Medicine and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology

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0161 918 7672




Experimental cancer medicine


  • Clinical Senior Lecturer in Experimental Cancer Medicine; Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology; Clinical lead for early phase clinical trials in lung cancer
  • Deputy Theme Lead for Clinical Trials within Cancer Research UK Manchester - University College London (UCL) Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence.

Professional biography

Dr Krebs trained in medicine at the University of Leicester and completed general medical training at the University Hospitals of Leicester and Manchester. He began specialist training in Medical Oncology at The Christie in 2005 and in 2007 was awarded a Cancer Research UK-AstraZeneca PhD fellowship to research circulating biomarkers and experimental pharmacology.

On completion of his PhD he was awarded a Clinical Lectureship by the National Institute for Health Research to further develop laboratory expertise at the University of Manchester alongside completion of clinical training. His research, with Professor Caroline Dive, focused on establishing methods for genetic profiling of cancer cells and circulating DNA in the blood.

In June 2014 Dr Krebs was appointed to his current position as Clinical Senior Lecturer in Experimental Cancer Medicine at The Christie and University of Manchester. He undertakes early-phase clinical trials of new anti-cancer drugs and researches the use of blood tests to help guide treatment selection and monitor treatment response. He is a member of the Manchester Experimental Cancer Medicine Steering Board and deputises as the clinical trials theme lead within the Manchester-UCL Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence.