Czukowska-Milanova, Liliana

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Czukowska-Milanova, Liliana

Job title

Consultant Anaesthetist

Email Address

Phone number

0161 446 8560


Medical Doctor


Anaesthetics, Intensive care

Started at The Christie (Year)



  • Anaesthetising patients in Theatres.
  • On-calls in OCCU.
  • Preparation for surgery in Anaesthetic Assessment Clinic.

Professional biography

Dr Czukowska-Milanova finished medical school in Cracow, Poland in 1989 and completed her specialist training in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine in 1995. She worked 2 years in the Oncology Centre in Bulgaria as a Clinical Director. Dr Czukowska-Milanova then relocated back to Poland and worked as a Consultant in the University General and Trauma Hospital and Private Women’s Health Hospital. At the same time she was involved in Emergency Services and teaching medical students and medical staff in the biggest private teaching centre in Poland and helped with the implementation of ALS courses in Poland. Dr Czukowska-Milanova also spent a few years in Bulgaria, working in the University Orthopaedic Hospital as a Consultant.

Dr Czukowska-Milanova moved with her family to the United Kingdom in May 2014 and held the post of Specialty Doctor, working mainly at The Christie, and was recently appointed as a substantive Consultant.

Research Interest

Dr Czukowska-Milanova’s goal is to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. She also has a keen interest in perioperative medicine and is currently running the Anaesthetic Assessment Clinic with Dr J. Allen.

Educational Interests

Advanced life support education