Daniel Anderson

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Daniel Anderson

Job title

Consultant psychiatrist in psycho-oncology

Email Address


Phone number

0161 446 8004



Started at The Christie (Year)



Roles/responsibilities at The Christie:

  • Assessing and treating in-patients and out-patients with mental health difficulties at The Christie

Professional biography

I have been a consultant psychiatrist since 2010 and have held consultant positions in Merseyside, Wales and York in liaison psychiatry, old age psychiatry and medical management. I worked as a medical director for three years for an independent hospital where I was also the Caldicott Guardian and the Responsible Officer for revalidating doctors’ licences to practice.

I have held academic positions (employed and honorary) with the University of Central Lancashire, Bangor University and the Institute of Mental Health (University of Nottingham).

Research Interest

  • Group analysis as a psychotherapeutic treatment and research method
  • Mental health and its relationship to gender and sexuality
  • Using mentalisation techniques to manage staff stress during care interventions

Educational Interests

  • Post-graduate training of doctors and physician associates
  • Mental health of professionals