Reusable containers

The Christie is committed to protecting the environment. To show this, our catering department and The Christie Charity have created a new range of reusable food and drink containers.

Now available to purchase from The Christie Restaurant (department 19) and Christie Charity Centre (department 3) is our full reusable range.

Our full reusable range is:

  • Christie lunchbox, £6.20  The Christie lunchbox is made from polypropylene plastic, BPA free and 100% recyclable.
  • Christie travel cup, £4.50. When you buy the Christie travel cup from The Christie restaurant, you can claim a free Starbucks hot drink.
  • Christie water bottle, £5.

Please make sure you bring your Christie lunchbox or travel mug to The Christie Restaurant every time you visit to get a discount.

When using The Christie reusable containers, please ensure they are clean. 

Last updated: January 2023