Other sarcoma specialists

Sarcoma physiotherapist

The sarcoma physiotherapist is an experienced physiotherapist who specialises in the care of patients with sarcoma.

Many sarcomas arise within or very near to muscle or bone. The treatment may leave the affected area stiff or weak.

The service provides: 

  • Prehabilitation to help prepare you for your treatment
  • Advice and education to help maintain as active a lifestyle as possible
  • Support during your treatment
  • Provision of a home exercise programme
  • Provision of required walking aids and equipment
  • Advice to prevent swelling or stiffness in your limbs
  • Scar tissue management
  • Long term support with late effects of treatment 

Sarcoma physiotherapist contact details

Maxine Cumbo, sarcoma physiotherapist

0161 918 7318

Please note: the sarcoma physiotherapist's working days are Tuesday to Thursday.

Complementary therapists

The complementary health and wellbeing service is offered alongside cancer treatment and is free to patients and their carers.

Some therapies aim to facilitate relaxation and an overall sense of well-being. Others may provide relief from symptoms such as: anxiety, pain, sleeping difficulties, nausea/vomiting, breathing difficulties, hot flushes, reduced energy levels, constipation, burning/numbness/tingling in hands and/or feet related to chemotherapy.

As well as offering therapies for the above reasons, the team also use them to support health and wellbeing initiatives such as smoking cessation. 

Complementary therapy practitioners use a holistic approach. A ‘toolkit’ of skills is employed to support emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing.

Complementary therapists provide support through the cancer experience and beyond.

Student training 

The Christie is a training hospital for postgraduate and undergraduate trainees so you may meet students in all areas of the hospital. We train doctors, nurses, radiographers and other therapists in the treatment and care of cancer patients. 

Placements at The Christie are an important part of student training, so by allowing them to assist in your care, you will be making a valuable contribution to student education. 

Students are always supervised by fully qualified staff. However, you have the right to decide if students can take part in your care. If you prefer them not to, please tell the doctor, nurse, radiographer or other therapist in charge as soon as possible. You have a right to do this and your treatment will not be affected in any way. 

We also try to respect the concerns of patients in relation to the gender of their doctor and other health professionals.

Last updated: February 2023