About us


  • Established within The Christie since 2001
  • We are a specialist adult team, registered under the Health and Care Professionals Council and active members of the Royal College Speech and Language Therapists Clinical Excellence Networks, local and national.  We are core members of two Head and Neck Multidisciplinary teams (Central and South Manchester) and are proactive in representing the needs of speech therapy patients at Manchester Cancer network clinical sub-group level

The Team

Helen Rust (Principal), Julie Jones (Specialist), Paul Brown (Specialist), Susi Loh (Specialist), Gina Carey (Bank Specialist ) Veronica Archer ( Assistant Practitioner). New - Additional Specialist and Support Worker to join our head and neck radiotherapy speech therapy team for 2016

Where we are

Rehabilitation Unit (Department 3), which is near the Oak Road entrance of the hospital.

What our patients say

Throat cancer patient following surgery and radiotherapy:

"My husband was at his wits end until the team of speech and language therapy got involved. We truly consider that this was a turning point in his recovery, he was given a salt test and the kind and gentle approach of the team recognising that he had lost confidence and that he needed somebody to gently coach him back to the belief, that with exercise and patience he would soon be able to eat again.
"The change in him from that time was miraculous.

My husband is well on the way to recovery, he is back at work and managing to eat almost anything.

Throat cancer patient

Last updated: March 2023