Incentive Spirometer

During surgery your lungs can shrink. Using an incentive spirometer helps to increase the size of your lungs again as well as gives you goals and feedback on how you are progressing.

Sit up as much as possible and place the mouthpiece of the incentive spirometer in your mouth. Make sure you make a good seal over the mouthpiece with your lips.

  • Breathe out (exhale) normally.
  • Breathe in (inhale) slowly - the white piece in the incentive spirometer will rise as you breathe in.
  • Try to get this piece to rise as high as you can.
  • Usually, there is a marker placed by your physiotherapist as a goal to aim towards. This will be changed regularly to help you improve.
  • A yellow ball will also rise. Aim to keep the ball in the middle of the chamber while you breathe in.
  • If you breathe in too fast, the ball will shoot to the top.
  • If you breathe in too slowly, the ball will stay at the bottom.

Your physio will advise you how regularly you need to use your spirometer

Last updated: February 2023