Global IT outage update - Monday 22 July

The issues affecting the supplier that provides our chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments have now been resolved.

We want to thank our patients for being understanding and bearing with us and we apologise for any delays caused by this. Unless our teams contact you, please attend your appointment as planned. Throughout this incident, we have prioritised the most clinically urgent patients.

The Christie provides care and treatment for hundreds of people every day. The global IT outage last Friday (19 July 2024) affected many organisations but to put it into context, this affected less than a third of our patients.

Our staff have worked tirelessly over the weekend to deliver as many chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments as possible and continue to do so to catch up on rescheduled treatments this week.

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Exercise Classes

Find out the times and locations of our exercise classes

Fatigue Classes: Available to inpatients based on wards 4,10,11 and 12

Daily sessions (a different ward every day for approx. 45-60 minutes)

Held in the ward dayroom

Therapists will attend the ward on the allocated days and recruit individuals and assist them to the dayroom as needed.

As part of our ‘Living with Cancer and Beyond’ programme we offer:

  • Breast exercise classes:

Alternate Tuesdays (11am-12pm) and Thursdays (1pm - 2pm)

Held in the Rehabilitation Unit Gym, Department 3

Please contact the Rehabilitation Reception on 0161 446 3795 to book in.

A ‘one-off’ class providing arm exercises to prevent shoulder stiffness and pain post-surgery or during radiotherapy.  We also provide information on lymphoedema prevention and the opportunity to ask any questions and meet with other people undergoing treatment to share experiences.

  • Stretch and De-stress

Every Thursday at 2.45-3.45pm

Held in the Rehabilitation Unit Gym, Department 3

Please contact the Rehabilitation Reception on 0161 446 3795 to book in.

 A gentle physiotherapist led pilates session to improve strength, reduce stiffness and increase movement followed by a relaxation session guided by our specialist occupational therapist to de-stress.

  • Post-op Pilates

Every Friday at 11.00am-11:45am

Held in the Rehabilitation Unit Gym, Department 3

If you would like more information about the program please refer to the website

Please contact reception on 0161 446 8151 to book in.

Part of the Pink Ribbon program the class is based on the principles of Pilates, using low impact and stretching exercises to improve flexibility and strength of your main muscle groups. This will improve range of motion and strength in the affected limb.

Once you have been referred you will be contacted by one of the physiotherapy team to arrange a one to one assessment within 4 weeks and following this be referred into the class for a six week block.

  • 3 Month Walking Programme

Please contact the Information Centre for details on how to sign up and to receive your activity pack including a pedometer.

This is a self-management walking programme aimed at encouraging individuals to establish a regular activity in their daily life, using a pedometer and diary to track improvements in exercise and achievements of goals. Supported by the rehabilitation unit and the information centre. 

Last updated: April 2023