Teaching service at the proton beam therapy centre at The Christie

Daily attendance for proton beam therapy treatment may interfere with your child’s ability to attend school on a regular basis. Our team of specialist teachers and teaching assistants, based in the atrium of the proton beam therapy centre ensure that when they are well enough, children and young people can access this facility and make outstanding progress with their education.

All children of school age who are receiving proton beam therapy treatment at the hospital will be offered teaching in our classroom. With children’s treatment schedules in mind, Christie staff will liaise with teachers to arrange times to attend daily classroom sessions.

When is school available?

Teaching sessions are in the atrium, Monday to Friday:

  • 9:30 – 12:00: Classroom based sessions for all age groups
  • 1 hour break
  • 1:00 – 3:30: Classroom based sessions for all age groups

Pupils can generally expect to be in a mixed age class group, but learning will be personalised to suit the needs of each learner and will include a mix of one to one and small group sessions. 

Can children do their own school work?

Yes, of course. We will help with any school work children have from their own school. 

How are children kept safe in the classrooms?

Christie staff will complete a risk assessment before children attend the classroom, so that we know they are well enough to attend. Children will be supervised at all times during the sessions. 

Can school staff give medical support during lessons?

No. If a child requires medical support, clinical staff will always provide this support. 

Look out for our green ID badge lanyards. 

For more information contact: Kerri O’Brien, 0161 225 2199 k.obrien@hospitalschool.manchester.sch.uk


Last updated: March 2023