Occupational therapy and proton beam therapy

What support can the occupational therapists provide with your proton beam therapy treatment?

Occupational therapists help you engage in daily activities and ensure you can continue with your treatment. They also reduce the need for an inpatient admission and help ensure you access community services after your discharge.

An occupational therapist offers several services to help you with your independence.

These may involve:

  • Completing an initial assessment to establish your needs and any potential difficulties with daily activities and function
  • Developing a programme of support and interventions to enable you to maintain your function throughout treatment
  • Providing advice and coping strategies to help with managing physical symptoms such as fatigue, pain or weakness - this could be on your own or in a group
  • Providing advice and coping strategies to help with psychological and cognitive difficulties such as anxiety, body image, low mood, changes in confidence levels or memory difficulties
  • Offering advice on equipment provision or adaptation of activities/environment to make it easier for you to take part in daily activities – for example, wheelchairs, bathing equipment or feeding aids
  • Completing referrals and liaising with your local services after your treatment for further support

The occupational therapist will discuss your needs with you and your medical team to make sure that your discharge from the proton beam service is safe.

The occupational therapy service is available to patients aged 16 and over.

Last updated: February 2023