Blood sciences

Blood Sciences at The Christie Pathology Partnership incorporates the following on-site services:


A comprehensive service is available for clinical biochemistry testing, including routine profiles, endocrinology, therapeutic drug monitoring, specialist proteins and tumour marker analyses.

Information on specific tests offered, sample submission, reporting of results and other details can be found in our Biochemistry user guide. [PDF file - 1.24 MB]

Contact us

Dr. Phillip Monaghan, BSc MSc PhD FRCPath EuSpLM, Consultant Clinical Scientist,, 0161 446 3298


A suite of analyses are performed routinely, including full blood count (FBC) and white cell differential, reticulocytes, ESR, bone marrow examination, clotting screens and INR determination, CSF cytopathology, sickle cell screening and glandular fever screening (Monospot). We also offer flow cytometry services for diagnosis and monitoring of haematological malignancies.

Download our Haematology user guide [PDF file - 956 KB] for more information on our service.

Contact us

Sylvia Blake, Blood Sciences service manager,, 0161 446 3316

Blood transfusion

Blood group determination and the provision of blood products and components such as: Red Blood Cells, Platelets, Fresh Frozen Plasma and Cryoprecipitate. The routine provision of emergency O negative blood can also be arranged.

Our Transfusion user guide [PDF file - 413 KB] provides further details.

Contact Us

Deborah Seals, Blood Transfusion Manager, 0161 446 3287

Stem cell processing

Provides laboratory support as an integral part of the HTA and JACIE accredited Stem cell and Bone Marrow transplant programme.

Contact us

Sarah Wilson, Stem Cell Laboratory Manager,, 0161 446 8096

Last updated: May 2024