Research in the neuroendocrine tumour service

The Christie neuroendocrine tumour (NET) unit is actively involved in a number of different types of research. 

Our work includes pre-clinical laboratory research and translational research through links with the CRUK Manchester Institute and the Manchester Cancer Research Centre, as well as interventional and observational clinical trials which recruit patients being treated in the NET unit.

The NET unit also has a dedicated Research Group. The group meets regularly to maximize research opportunities and foster collaboration between medical practitioners and scientists working in the different specialities and disciplines involved in treating NET patients.

We offer participation in clinical trials whenever there is an available trial and when it’s appropriate for their clinical situation. Taking part in a clinical trial is an important decision and can only be made once a patient has had time to consider available information and discuss it with family and friends.

There is absolutely no obligation for a patient to enrol in clinical trials and their clinical care will not be affected in any way if they choose not to take part, or if they agree to participate, but are found to be unsuitable for the trial.

Clinical trials do open and close frequently, so patients shouldn’t be surprised if they meet other patients with similar conditions who have been offered entry on to a clinical trial, whereas they themselves have not.

It’s our ambition to participate in trials and research that will widen future therapeutic options for patients with NETs resulting in improved survival and quality-of-life.


Results from the research we do are presented at national and international medical meetings, and subsequently submitted for publication in medical journals. This is a list of some recent publications involving members of The Christie NET unit, which demonstrate the range of our research.

Last updated: March 2023