How to refer a neuroendocrine patient

A patient can be referred to any member of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT). 

All cases will be discussed through the NET MDT. To help avoid delays please supply all the information we need to review. This includes:

  • Referral letter.
  • Statement of patient’s Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status.
  • Copies of any relevant imaging. Scans will be imported for review, so please send CD-ROM(s) if referring from out-of-region or outside the UK.
  • Copies of any relevant endoscopy reports.
  • Copies of any relevant surgical procedures.
  • Copy of histopathology reports. All cases undergo pathology review by a specialist NET pathologist. This may delay the time before a patient is first seen.
  • Copies of any relevant blood tests, including any hormone levels pertinent to the condition.

Last updated: March 2023