Why choose us

Our Trust’s mission statement is “We Care, We Discover, We Teach”. Here’s how we deliver this within the neuroendocrine service:

We Care

  • We make a detailed and multidisciplinary assessment of every patient referred to us.
  • We offer the broad range of specialist treatment options needed to treat patients with NETs.
  • We audit our outcomes to be sure that we are constantly improving the service we offer.
  • We offer specific information and support to patients and their families through trained nurse specialists and involvement with the NET Patient Foundation.

We Discover

  • We have a portfolio of clinical trials and other research (patients are invited to participate in these when appropriate).
  • All research is done with full ethical approval.
  • Results are presented at specialist meetings and in peer-reviewed journals.
  • All these efforts aim to improve outcomes for current and future patients.

We Teach

  • We have a number of educational activities including Study Days.
  • Invited lectures at regional, national and international meetings.
  • We regularly host visitors from outside the hospital as observers.

Last updated: March 2023