Referral to The Christie

The Christie new patient clinic is at Salford Royal Hospital where patients meet their consultant clinical oncologist (a doctor who uses radiotherapy and chemotherapy to treat patients).

Depending on your tumour type, you may be recommended radiotherapy alone, radiotherapy with chemotherapy, radiotherapy followed by chemotherapy, or chemotherapy alone.

In some cases, after discussion, you may opt for no further treatment and follow up with MRI scans to check on your tumour, or simply best supportive care, which means addressing symptoms if or when they develop.

Your treatment options will be discussed with you by your clinical oncologist at your first meeting. You do not have to reach a decision at this first appointment. You are welcome to take your time to think things over and talk to your family, friends or GP. We will give you contact telephone numbers, or another appointment, so that you can speak to your consultant or specialist nurse again when you have had time to consider the options.

Last updated: March 2023