Diagnosis and surgery

In many cases, the diagnosis is confirmed by performing a brain operation (neuro-surgery) to remove part of the tumour so that it can be looked at under the microscope (histological diagnosis).

For some patients, surgery is not recommended and diagnosis is made from the CT or MR scan (imaging diagnosis). You doctor can discuss this with you.

Patients having surgery will meet the neurosurgeon (a surgeon who operates on the brain and spine) at Salford Royal Hospital before the operation. The type of surgery recommended will be explained and discussed. During surgery, tissue (a biopsy) is taken to look at the cells. The type of cells are important to know the type of tumour and what treatment is best. This is called the histology

After surgery, every case is discussed again at the neuro-oncology MDT meeting.

The results of the histology and the recommendation of the MDT regarding further treatment is explained to each patient by the neuro-surgical doctor at Salford Royal Hospital. 

Last updated: February 2023