Strike action from Saturday 24 February to Wednesday 28 February 2024

Junior doctors at The Christie will strike from 7am on Saturday 24 February until 11.59pm on Wednesday 28 February 2024.

We are proactively contacting patients with appointments that may be affected. If you have an appointment on any of these dates, please continue to come to The Christie and our other centres as planned, unless we contact you to tell you otherwise. Please do not call to check if your appointment is still going ahead.

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Current visiting and mask wearing rules

Research overview

Our research has 3 main prongs:

Imaging studies

These use brain scans to try understand more about tumours, how they behave and how we might be able to improve treatment. These studies usually take place when patients are first referred, often before surgery or stereotactic radiosurgery. They do not improve outcomes for an individual, but we hope might contribute to developing better treatments in the longer term. Many of our imaging studies are conducted at the Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre, which is next door to The Christie.

Laboratory research

Patients having surgery may be asked if they would be willing to donate some of the tissue removed during surgery to help with laboratory research we are undertaking at The University of Manchester. This research is not yet at a stage where it will benefit individual patients, but we are working hard towards that long-term goal.

Clinical trials (drug trials)

These investigate whether altering the way we treat a particular disease is more effective than our standard treatment. This usually involves giving a new drug as well as, or instead of, standard treatment, or may involve giving radiotherapy in a different way.

Last updated: March 2023