MSCC resources

Below you will find resources which have been created to educate these groups.

Information leaflets for patients

Patients who are at risk of MSCC should be given an information leaflet; this leaflet helps the doctor, nurse, physiotherapist or other health professional discuss the possible early warning signs of MSCC.

Further information is also available for patients who have a confirmed diagnosis of MSCC.

Education for health professionals - 'No logo' information leaflets for organisations

We also offer MSCC patient information leaflets with no logos on for organisations to use with their own logo on. Please note: you can only use these documents on the condition that The Christie NHS Foundation Trust is acknowledged as the creator.

‘Red Flag’ alert cards

The MSCC Coordinator service and the local Acute Oncology teams in each hospital offer training sessions to staff, we also distribute ‘Red Flag’ alert cards which highlight the warning signs of MSCC.

If you and your team require support with MSCC teaching, please Get in touch.

Rehabilitation resources 

All patients should be referred to the rehabilitation team, the aim of rehabilitation is to improve quality of life, maintain or increase functional independence, prolong life by preventing complications and return patients to their home wherever possible.

There is a named MSCC Rehabilitation AHP Link person within each hospital and community service, they should be contacted for advice on coordinating rehabilitation. The directory is available on our MSCC guidelines for professionals page

National MSCC Guidelines

The following links will allow you to access the national guidance which has helped shape local policy in Manchester Cancer.

Last updated: April 2023